Why a Road Trip is What you Really Need

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Last February, I took a road trip with my mom down to Portland, OR. It was quite spontaneous – we decided we would go less than 48 hours before when we would leave. So we had some time to plan a little, however the majority of our trip would consist of yet undiscovered treasures. Both my mom and I have the travel bug as it is, but on top of that it was the middle of winter and we really had the urge to just get out and indulge in some adventure. Being cooped up inside a classroom or inside the house is not my thing. I mean I love getting cozy, but eventually cozy turns a little gloomy and life gets either a tad uninspired or we start to overwork ourselves. Not even just in the winter though; sometimes we just get stuck in life and it’s really hard to step outside of our routine, or for some people (myself included) we forget that a little adventure break is actually beneficial even when life seems busier than it’s ever been. In fact a lot of the time that’s the best time to do a bit of unfamiliar endeavoring.

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